MOTTO: Taking the Prophetic Word of Evangelism Back to the Streets

Evangelist Yolanda Atkins Cotton is the founder of the Women of the Completion Ministry, which was ordained by God and birthed into Evangelist Cotton. The ministry was established in the year of 1999. Women of Completion Ministry consists of women who have gone through the fire, but yet still stand and serve God. Each one of these women have dealt with being abused physically and emotionally. Some have been molested, some prostitution, some homosexually and even been locked up and drug abuse. Though they went through what they went through, they all came out with their hands up. So you see it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done, it’s not so bad that God won’t forgive you and that he can’t use you. The people no one cares about are the people God is looking to use. Jesus died on that cross just for someone like you.

Women of Completion has been sent forth for such a time as this, taking the prophetic word of Evangelism back to the streets, not to be isolated to the four walls of the church. Jesus said he came to seek and save those who are lost and want to be found. We’ve come as chosen vessels of God to let them know that there is someone and his name is Jesus. It’s not the well that need a doctor, but those who are sick. Your healing is here, all in Jesus.

We are willing and obedient vessels, being used by God to carry out his plan, to get the true word of God. The one and only.

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From Prison to Praise

Yolanda Atkins Cotton is originally from Birmingham, Alabama, and now lives in Decatur, Alabama and is married. She was released from prison in 1995 and she lived a life running the streets. She sold drugs, affiliated with gang activities and went through two bad abusive relationships that almost cost her life. Her mother passed away when she was 16 years old; she strayed from all her tough love and chastisement. She went further a stray when her sister was murdered.

She became bitter and angry to the point where she didn’t care about taking someone’s life herself. That attitude alone led her to live a destructive lifestyle. With God spiritually arresting her when the police did, God took her from the streets to spare her life and sent her back to the streets to spare others’ lives. Her life story begins in her book Lonely, Lost and Locked Up. She said her ministry started in prison. Yolanda Atkins Cotton is the founder of the Women of Completion Ministry. She also goes into the schools to reach out to kids, speaking to them about issues that they are facing today concerning education, sex, drugs, etc.

All books are available at the Barnes and Noble bookstore located at 201 Summit Blvd., Suite 100, Birmingham, Alabama 35243. Her newest release is Why do Husbands Cheat? and her upcoming book is Have Denominations Divided the Church?

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